Classic Art

Written by Charles Peacock
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Classic art is a term generally applied to art which is the best or apotheosis of its genre. Classic art does not refer to a specific time period or genre of art. It should also not be confused with "classical art," which typically refers to art of the Greek and Roman periods.

Finding Classic Art

One problem with classic art is that quality often means extra zeros on the price tag. Fortunately, a lot of classic art can be purchased today in reproductions. This allows us to possess high quality artwork at affordable prices.

Many internet art websites categorize their stock by genre. The best sites also have a special category for classic art--art that you really can't go wrong with. In this category you'll find landscapes, photographs, ancient and modern art--basically the best of each genre.

Popular genres of art available online also include city scenes, portraits, and still life's. Buying art online doesn't limit you to photographs and paintings. You can also purchase originals and reproductions of sculptures by contemporary and historical artists.

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