Country Decor

Written by Charles Peacock
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Country decor gives even the newest suburban home that old-fashioned country feel. As we move further and further out of our major cities, Americans are increasingly seeking a more "down-home" feel for their houses. Perhaps it's a reflection of our attempt to re-connect with our old fashioned roots; but whatever the reason, the use of country decor in modern homes is becoming increasingly common.

Country Decor: Getting it Right the First Time

Country decor can match well with pretty much any home, except for those with extreme contemporary architecture. Most houses being built these days fit into a nouveau-Victorian mold, however, making them the perfect match for country interiors. So how do you go about getting your country decorating right?

One important tip for this type of decor is to always mix and match between the new and the old. Most furniture and interior decorating stores carry a lot of old-fashioned looking products, when in reality they are brand new and are just made to look old. Decorating your home with nothing but faux-old objects will make it look forced.

As a rule, for every new object you place in your house (from furniture to wall decorations) you should also find something genuinely antique. This doesn't have to be difficult--in fact you don't even have to leave your home to find antiques (they can be found on countless antiques websites). If you want to get your hands dirty, raid your attic or local garage sales for cheap (but priceless looking) articles that will give your home an authentic country decor touch.

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