Discounted Art

Written by Charles Peacock
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Discounted art used to be hard to find. Buying art could only be done in galleries, and for the sake of their image the galleries wouldn't really want to sell paintings with discount tags on them. With the availability of artwork on the internet, however, you can finally buy art at wholesale prices.

How Discounted Art Works

In the old days, surplus art would work its way around from gallery to gallery, auction to auction, until it finally found a buyer. This of course meant low prices in the long run, but sharply discounted art was difficult to find. With the internet, it's easier to buy cheap art direct from suppliers.

Let's say, for instance, that a particular artist like Thomas Kincaid produces too many of a particular painting. For various reasons, the demand just wasn't there and now he's got a lot of paintings on his hand that he can't sell. This is where the discounted art website comes into play.

Websites that specialize in discounted artwork will buy a bulk lot of paintings at a very low price. They then have the advantage of being able to throw them up on their website at virtually no cost. This means the markup is low, and you can get high quality art at a surprisingly low price.

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