Fine Art Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Fine art photography is a very popular medium, especially for art prints to hang in the home. The classic elegance, especially of black and white photographic art, instantly makes a minimalist decorative scheme more beautiful. A carefully matted and framed black and white photograph can be hung alone on a wall to gain the sophisticated feeling of a gallery and is sure to gain compliments from guests.

The Variety of Fine Art Photography

There are prints available from almost all of the great names in fine art photography. Whether you like landscapes, nudes, travel photos, romantic art, or surreal photographic manipulation, there is something for you. And if black and white fine art photography leaves you cold, you can find color photography that is as vibrant and exciting as the art of someone like Helen Frankenthaler or Henri Mattise.

Yiorgos Depollas, for example, is a Greek photographer who specializes in dynamic and dramatic color photography. His Village with Blue Gate, for example, features bright primary colors in the foreground which seem almost unreal. This is a beautiful print of a village on the edge of a cliff and may also be beloved by children, who often favor simple shapes and bright colors in the art hung in their rooms or classrooms.

Many of the most popular fine art photographs of all time are of images from the most historic cities in the world. From Brassai's photographs of Paris to Bliss' photographs of New York, great photographers have been captivated by architecture, skylines, and details of daily life. If you favor the more serene and unpopulated areas of the world, however, Ansel Adam's photographs or Graeme Harris' works may be more to your liking for their impressive renderings of natural beauties.

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