Fine Art Posters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Fine art posters are an easy way bring a little splash of color and style to any environment. They are the most democratic of art, because just about anybody can afford them. And thanks to the astonishing variety that exists, one can find fine art posters to match any taste.

Fine Art Posters: Art for Everybody

Because they are much less expensive than originals or even prints and lithographs, art posters are the perfect way to dress up any temporary environment. Teenage bedrooms, College dorm rooms, or first apartments are a perfect place to display them. Office cubicles, where you want a little personal touch, but don't want to shell out a lot of money, are other good venues.

Plus, since they're so inexpensive, one can afford to enjoy art "phases." Fine art posters are perfect for people that like to frequently redecorate. One can create a golden, renaissance-like space with a few brass candlesticks and a gold-framed Raphael. The next month explore your inner expressionist with a black-framed Jackson Pollack and white sheets thrown over the couch.

Dry mount techniques are another cool way to "frame" your piece. Dry-mounting involves attaching your poster to a lightweight foam core board, making it sturdy enough to hang. Dry mounts are typically inexpensive and allow you to hang your fine art poster without having to invest in costly framing.

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