Floral Decor

Written by Charles Peacock
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Floral decor is a nice way to add a light, lively touch to the home. It is available in many different forms, and it is a particularly popular choice in the American country home style. Flowers represent life (and they're great at cheering us up), so adding floral decor to your home can truly brighten the place up.

Varieties of Floral Decor

A good way to start if you've decided to spice up your home with floral decor is with the walls. Painting or wallpapering is always easier if you can build a room around it, particularly in a new home. You can add floral images to your walls by buying floral-print wallpaper, or even using stencil or wallpaper trim.

Once you've decided on the walls, furniture is a key aspect of creating a good floral decor look. If you're lucky (and have a sharp eye), you can find furniture that matches or reflects the patters you've chosen for your walls. Solid colors can be nice, particularly if they match the color of the flowers on your walls. Beware of too many floral prints, though--if both your furniture and your walls are covered with them, it can cause your room to look a bit noisy.

The final piece of the floral puzzle comes with your knick-knacks and room decorations. Paintings, posters, and mirrors are a nice addition to your walls. You can also look into vases, sculptures--and of course real flowers--that perfectly match your decor.

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