Framed Art Posters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Framed art posters always look richer and more "finished" than their unframed brothers and sisters. But don't start fretting that the frame job will cost more than the poster is worth. Not all framing has to be expensive, archive-material, museum quality jobs. You can have a beautiful, affordable framed art poster simply and inexpensively.

Consider too, that a quality frame will make even the most affordable poster look considerably more expensive. Provided you hang your framed art poster out of direct light, and in an area without high humidity, framed art posters will look just like framed art prints for years to come. Only you will know the difference.

Framed Art Posters: Framing Options

The best choice for bathrooms, or any other spot where there's high humidity, is either a dry- or wet-mount technique. This process attaches your poster to a sturdy, lightweight foam-core board. There are no framing edges, nor any glass over the poster. This means that you're able to hang your poster attractively, without rippling or warping under glass.

For the rest of the house, you can choose any style you like for your framed art posters. In general, when considering number of mattes, it's very attractive to have as many as there are bevels in the frame. For instance, a smooth edge frame looks great with a single matte; a frame with a single beveled edge looks sharp with a double matting. Bear in mind that each additional mat will cost you a little more, but in the end the expense will be minimal, considering how attractive the end result will be.

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