Framed Art Prints

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Framed art prints, provided thought and care went into the framing process, will remain beautiful indefinitely. High quality framing materials are the only way to ensure that your art print is protected from destructive elements not only outside the frame, but within it as well. And the beauty of any print is always maximized by a frame and mat that accents the colors or style of the subject.

Framed Art Prints: Best Materials

In terms of protecting your investment, it is critical too use archival quality materials. Believe it or not, glass is a living thing. It is chemically alive and constantly shifting. Museum quality glass helps to protect framed art prints from any chemical changes, plus it blocks damaging UV rays from bleaching or altering the colors of your work of art.

Acid-free papers and mounting materials are also very important. Mounting materials that are not acid-free will, over time, break down and affect your print. This can result in discoloration and paper erosion. Be sure to check with your framing professional that not only the mats, but the backing, including the foam core and paper backing are acid-free.

When choosing framing materials, bear in mind the medium and style of the print, as well as the colors of the print. Framed art prints of black and white photographs, for instance, look particularly sharp in metal frames, or black wood frames with a single or double mat. Contemporary and abstract art prints are complemented by frames that are strong and bold, with mats in colors that pick up details of the art. The key is to remember that the frame becomes an extension of the piece itself, and you want to consider the overall look for the maximum effect.

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