Framed Wall Art

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Framed wall art lends style and sophistication to every room of the house. Frames "finish" the piece they surround, and add a visual and aesthetic weight to the piece. And frames aren't snobbish. They lend a halo of importance to everything, whether it's an original oil painting reproduction of Magritte, or a simple poster that commemorates a favorite film or television show.

Sometimes, the more whimsical the poster or print, the more witty it appears when framed. Take black and white photographs of small animals like puppies and kittens, for instance. That is not necessarily the most serious subject matter by itself. But surround that photo of the kitty sleeping in a hammock with a double matte, surrounded by a strong black frame, and suddenly it appears casually sophisticated hanging on the nursery wall.

One of the most dramatic settings for framed wall art is in the living room. If you're fortunate enough to have a mantle, then you already have a picture-perfect, if you will, spot for displaying your favorite framed wall art piece. Framed wall art, such as fine art prints, are particularly dramatic hung over such an obvious focal point of a room.

Framed Wall Art: Immediate Visual Focus

If you don't have such an obvious focal point, don't worry. Well framed wall art automatically creates a strong visual focus for whatever room you're decorating. One of the most striking looks in home decoration, in style since the late 1960s, is the single strong piece of framed wall art in a relatively bare room. Framed wall art is so potentially powerful in terms of its visual impact that sometimes the simple addition of a single strong piece of framed art can revolutionize the feeling of any room.

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