Helen Frankenthaler Prints

Written by Serena Berger
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Helen Frankenthaler prints are some of the most important in American Abstract Expressionism. Painting is Frankenthaler's singular passion, and many of her works explore the relationship between image and surface. Among her most popular works are many in which the canvas is stained with layers pigment that show through differently in different places.

Many Helen Frankenthaler prints are based on landscapes. Some of these are real, and others are imaginary; in both cases, the work may be so abstracted that only if you had seen a realistic rendering of the same landscape would you recognize it. Ocean Drive West #1, for example, bears no immediate resemblance to a landscape, but in an abstract form, captures its aura (at least for Frankenthaler).

Color and Composition in Helen Frankenthaler Prints

Many people embrace Frankenthaler's works because of their bright colors and well-balanced composition. Many of her works that have become popular prints are easy to use in interior design because they are essentially monochromatic. From the vibrant yellows of Sesame to the sensual roses of Carousel, her simpler works, dominated by a single color, are both engaging and pleasing.

Some Helen Frankenthaler prints, such as Untitled 1995 or Flirt, defy categorization but are intensely magnetic. Bold images dominate large canvasses without filling them. There is a sense of openness and possibility, as well as an enigmatic quality, which keeps you returning to the work to see if you can decipher its witty or sensual secrets.

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