Jack Vettriano Prints

Written by Serena Berger
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Popular Jack Vettriano prints tell just one part of a complicated story about a complex man and unique artist's catalog. Vettriano is a Scottish artist at once obsessed with a bygone era of elegance, class, and fine taste, and also with an underworld where illicit sex is given rein over human nature. While the romantic images are by far his best selling, true connoisseurs of his work also know and appreciate the more overtly sensual and even sexual prints for which he is less well known.

There are a few Jack Vettriano prints which have become synonymous with elegant romance. The Singing Butler, Dance Me to the End of Love, and Mad Dogs are among the most popular. In fact, The Singing Butler just became the highest selling painting ever by a Scottish artist, and over 20 million reproductions have been sold. This painting features a man in a tuxedo and a woman in a red gown waltzing on a beach in the rain, entirely undisturbed, though their maid and butler hold umbrellas in a vain attempt to keep off the wind and rain.

Jack Vettriano Prints of Painting Details

One of the advantages of poster reproductions can be seen with some of the most sought-after Jack Vettriano prints. While you can buy prints of those entire paintings, there are also many prints available which feature the central details of the works. This means the original image is cropped, focusing just on the couple in The Singing Butler or just two of the waders in Mad Dogs, for example.

In Jack Vettriano's world, women are powerful, alluring, and mysterious. Unlike many of the other painters who have produced nudes that show the flaws as well as the beauties of women, Vettriano paints an ideal. There is a sense of timelessness in his work, as well--even his contemporary women wear elegant hats, garter stocking, and stiletto heels of an era past.

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