John James Audubon Prints

Written by Serena Berger
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John James Audubon prints display the gifted Neo-classical artist's passion for natural subjects. Haitian born and raised in Europe, Audubon had the advantages of an education that cultivated his artistic talents. Most notably, he studied with the French master Jacques Louis David in Paris before coming to the U.S. where he settled and, subsequently, explored.

John James Audubon prints reflect the artist's great interest in ornithology. In Paris, he had drawn many birds; in Pennsylvania once he settled there, he pursued the convergence of his art and his love for nature in general and birds in particular. The result was a lifetime spent creating one of the most comprehensive artistic collections of all time, as well as some of the most faithfully rendered depictions of wildlife by an artist, ever.

Nature in John James Audubon Prints

John James Audubon prints hold a venerable place in history by placing the artist in an elite group devoted to preservation and conservation. Ansel Adam's photography seems to be the logical extension of Audubon's work, as Audubon's love for nature drove him to capture its essence with the best medium available to him. Without the aid of a camera, Audubon was able to capture the detail and vividness of his subjects in a manner both rare and beautiful.

Audubon's work was elevated to the level of scientific recognition because of the extent of detail and precision. His reputation led to the naming in his honor of a preservation society dedicated to the protection of birds and their habitats. He is still recognized as one of the premier wildlife artists of his time and his prints make a lovely addition to any home.

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