Landscape Art

Written by Charles Peacock
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Landscape art can be found on more walls around the world than any type of art. Nature is a beautiful thing, and it's no wonder that painters throughout history (from the amateurs to the masters) have tried to recreate beautiful landscapes in their paintings. Luckily those of us who can't paint can always buy one of their paintings, and share in their inspiration.

Landscape Art Serves a Purpose

More than just filling a spot on an empty wall, landscape art can transport us to another place. My grandmother has a landscape painting done by a friend of hers which depicts the property where my father grew up. Even when they still lived there and I was a child, I used to love staring at this idealized version of my grandparent's home.

In addition to helping us generate memories, landscape art can take us to places that we've never been. For those who have always dreamed of touring the hills of Tuscany but have never had the chance to make it there, a great painting can make them feel like they're not totally missing out. It can also keep them inspired to someday take the trip.

Landscape paintings freeze a particular place at the moment when the artist found it to be most beautiful. The colors we find in these paintings sometimes seem too vivid to be real, but in reality we all know that nature can be quite impressive. What better way to celebrate its beauty than to commemorate it on our walls.

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