Landscape Posters

Written by Serena Berger
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Landscape posters come in such a variety that you will certainly be able to find one suited to your decorative scheme. From dreamy black and white photographs to gentle watercolors, dramatic abstracts to realistic oils, thousands of artists have used their medium of choice to immortalize their favorite locations. Whether you have seen these places yourself or they are the sites of your dreams and fantasies, landscape posters can bring images of the most beautiful places in the world into your home.

Many people find it most consistently pleasing to have artwork with cool colors and nautical themes in their homes. Seascapes, lighthouses, boats, and beaches are all popular subjects for artwork, especially watercolors. Claude Monet was responsible for some of the most famous Impressionist art of all time, and several of the themes he favored were landscapes and seascapes around France.

Black and White Landscape Posters

Other people are most passionate about naturalistic black and white landscape art. Some of the most beloved photographs of all time are Ansel Adams' works, which focus on the natural beauties of America's national parks and forests. Many of these pictures are stark and minimalist but capture a sense of wonder, vastness, and magnificence, which makes for art almost as incredible as the landscapes themselves.

For those who prefer lush, verdant landscapes, there are a number of modern and abstract artists who work, inspired by nature, to create abstract landscape art. Artists like Kandinsky and Klee have, among their oeuvre, a number of abstract landscapes that make great conversation pieces. If you are decorating your home or office and thinking about landscape posters, you should be able to find almost any style of art, with any color scheme, and probably at least one or two pieces by any major artist you've discovered.

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