Leroy Neiman

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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LeRoy Neiman (American b. 1927) is considered by many to be America's favorite living artist. His style is called "American Impressionism." He is a leading artist of sport subjects and American leisure activities. He paints with bright, highly saturated colors in a generous impressionistic style, and his work is highly distinctive and unique.

LeRoy Neiman: The Good Life

His fame is derived mainly from illustrations depicting what he and Playboy magazine call, "The Good Life". In fact, for over two decades he wrote and illustrated the Playboy column "Man at His Leisure." His work covers everything from sporting events to wildlife in their native habitats.

He has been the official artist of at least five Olympics. He was so popular that the networks airing these international sporting events created segments where Neiman would draw on-the-spot images. This in turn led to several years of similar features for pro-football, basketball, and baseball broadcasts.

Like many popular contemporary artists, scholarly acclaim eludes him. But LeRoy Neiman remains philosophical on the matter. He says that he gets enough applause to let go of the negative comments said about him or his work. In the meantime, sales of his bright, highly active pieces continue to break records, and Leroy Neiman continues to life his own good life.

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