M C Escher Prints

Written by Serena Berger
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M C Escher prints are like complex visual puns and paradoxes. Escher considered himself a graphic artist, and his work reflects his training in architectural design as well as graphic design. In addition to his famous works in spatial illusions, Escher was known for tessellations, or repeating geometric patterns, which contained within them complex transformations.

Popular M C Escher Prints

Some of the most popular M C Escher prints are Ascending and Descending, Relativity, and a series of so-called Transformation Prints. In Ascending and Descending, the main motif of the picture is an endless staircase. It is a square staircase, and it seems as though people are both endlessly ascending and descending around it. Of course this is impossible--if one were to ascend continually, the square could not be closed; yet in Escher's work, this is precisely how it appears.

The transformation prints as a whole are probably those that Escher is most well known. Sky and Water is one of the most popular M C Escher prints. In this work, fish and birds transform into one another through ingenious use of black and white contrast and negative space.

In a similar vein, at first glance, Day and Night looks something like a chess board. Escher takes a black and white sketch of a city with a river running through it and presents it with a mirror image of the city, with the blacks and whites reversed. The checkered squares that lie between the cities are pulled in opposite directions by flocks of geese, one black and one white, distorting the checkered pattern. While some geese are very apparent, others begin to emerge in the negative space created around the more evident geese. No matter what M C Escher print you choose, it is guaranteed to inspire hours of fascinated reflection.

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