Mc Escher

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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MC Escher (Dutch 1898-1972) is considered as much a mathematical genius as one of the most innovative graphic artists of all time. Most of his work was devoted to analyzing spacial enigmas, and then considering and exploring his own observations. He was a visual riddler, playing with pictorial logic, and his inventive vision continues to invite prolonged analysis.

Escher was born in the Netherlands, and, with his obvious aptitude for drawing and math, was encouraged to study architecture. Adept as he was naturally, Escher was not a very good student and failed many of his exams. It was an unimportant failure, however, since he discovered his real talent to be in the graphic arts. He switched his focus of study and began learning with previously unknown passion and enthusiasm.

Although he created many fine pictorial works of art early in his career, it was after a visit to Alhambra, a fourteen century Moorish castle in Spain that he discovered his calling. Alhambra had astonishingly detailed tiles, filled with repetitive patterns. He was inspired, and the rest, as they say, is history.

MC Escher: Puzzle Master

MC Escher was fascinated with regular division of the plane, impossible constructions, and infinite space. He won fans from not only the art world, but leading scientists and mathematicians as well, who praised him for making complex mathematical formulas visible. He helped to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences, with, as any aficionado knows, a wink in the process. Every MC Escher visual puzzle invites you in, and encourages you to decipher its mystery--or at least, makes you feel welcome as you negotiate your way up and down those crazy upside-down stairs.

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