Military Posters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Military posters are not the exclusive domain of military buffs. They can have as much style and artistry as the best vintage ads, and they have the advantage of promoting something that pretty much everyone finds a little interesting. So what kinds of military posters are out there?

Types of Military Posters

Old recruitment posters from the First and Second World Wars are some of the coolest military posters you can find. They share the clean, colorful style of the other ads from their time. In addition, they have a nice way of reminding us of our history while pleasing us visually.

Another type of military poster is the hardware poster. Hardware posters are available that show every plane, every tank, and every gun ever used by the American military--or any other country for that matter. For military engineering enthusiasts, these can be a great addition to your collection because they're informative and help us learn about the equipment our military uses.

Modern military recruitment posters can also be an interesting thing to display. This is particularly true when you contrast them with the recruitment posters of the past. The colors and styling of the modern posters are far more extreme and complex than their forebears, reflecting designs and imagery popularized in special-effects laden action movies.

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