Motivational Posters

Written by Serena Berger
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Motivational posters can be just what you're looking for to inspire you in many environments. Many people consider hanging motivational posters to brighten up the walls in the office, to keep focused at the gym, or over the computer at home if they work there. Often the focus of these posters is a beautiful, dramatic, or calming image; many of these prints add an inspirational saying as well.

Some motivational posters have a spiritual context. The popular prose piece "Footprints" is one of the most moving reminders ever written that people who believe in God will find strength when they need it most. There are a number of beautiful posters available with the text of this poem as well as evocative images, some painted, sketched, or photographed.

Natural Wonders in Motivational Posters

Other posters in the motivational realm feature breathtaking images of mountaintops or vast oceans. Sometimes the most inspiring idea is that there's so much space out there in the world, and we all have the ability to climb, or sail, or explore it, if we just take the chance. A print of the peak of Mount Everest doesn't really need a pithy saying in order to capture its eternal call to adventure and challenge.

There are also many teachers who want to hang motivational prints in the classroom. Whether a reminder to work hard or of the importance of teamwork and integrity, it can be good for students to have a daily reminder of what they're striving for in school. If you work in a leadership position and the idea of motivational posters seems a little corny to you, you should definitely look at the variety out there; you'll probably be surprised at some of the stunning images you find and the powerful simplicity of their messages.

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