Movie Posters

Written by Amy Hall
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Movie posters are pretty popular among people of all ages, especially those who like to collect movie memorabilia. Whether you like to collect prints from the era of Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, and Grace Kelly, or you prefer posters of modern day flicks, you can find them online and purchase them for a reasonable price. Whether you like vintage posters of films like King Kong, or more recent pieces of films such as Scarface or Life Is Beautiful, there is an enormous selection to choose from at many online retailers.

The type of art you display around your home tells the world who you are as a person. If complete strangers walked into your home, and discovered film posters all over the walls, they would assume you were a huge movie buff. What's so great about decorating this way is that it is affordable and tasteful.

Movie Posters for Every Style

What's so wonderful about movie posters is that you can make them as unique and different as you want them to be. How? It's all in the framing and matting. If you choose a black and white poster of say, Casablanca, you can have it framed in a hundred different ways.

For instance, you can choose a solid black frame to highlight the black and white print, or you can opt for a metal frame of some sort. Many people choose wood frames for black and white prints. It's really all about what suits your personal style and taste, so have fun with it.

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