Movie Posters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Movie posters are like gold for film buffs. Luckily, the days are gone when you could only obtain them through specialty shops (or a good relationship with your local theater manager). Posters for all of your favorite movies--past and present--can be found quickly and cheaply on the Internet.

Movie Posters Were Never Easier to Find
When I was a young theater-goer (and aspiring movie-maker), I used to stare in wonder at the coming attractions movie posters in the theaters. I still remember scrutinizing the poster for Return of the Jedi, trying to gather clues as to what was going to happen in the movie. I always wanted to have that poster, and until recently I would have had a hard time hunting it down (since I don't typically frequent Star Wars conventions).

Nowadays, you can not only buy reproductions of your favorite movie posters--you can also buy rare original copies. They will of course set you back a few extra dollars, but for the true collector this is a small price to pay knowing you own a little piece of movie history. A framed, yellowed original poster for your favorite movie can make a great addition to your entertainment room.

For the true movie enthusiast, another very cool type of poster (that can also be found easily online) is the foreign movie poster. In my collection, I have a few posters from France and one from Italy. Countries that dub American movies into their own language often translate the name of the movie, so the posters can be very cool--they show the image that everyone is familiar with, with an exotic, sometimes very funny title.

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