Movie Posters

Written by Serena Berger
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Movie posters aren't just for kids who want to surround themselves with paraphernalia from the latest Disney movie or action flick. Some movie posters are actually impressive works of art. Others are large versions of the theatrical posters or DVD box covers, which a serious fan of any age can frame and display in his or her home.

It's Easy to Find Movie Posters

Nowadays, especially with sites that print out poster versions of almost any print they have on file digitally, it's almost certain that you will be able to get a copy of a movie poster that you like. But there is no doubt that the quality of art prints is slightly better than that of digital prints, so consider yourself especially fortunate if you find the poster you want as an art print. From classic movies to new releases, there are thousands of great titles available.

Many people decorate different rooms in different styles. Often, even when you grow up, get married, and buy a house, you'd still like to have a basement or den or family room that contains some of the favored items from your younger days. A video game system, a foosball table, and some of the posters that were on the wall in your college dorm room or first apartment can make for a comfortable and comforting play area. That Pulp Fiction poster all your friends thoughts was so cool sophomore year can even become a collector's item if you take care of it; while it appreciates in value, you can also appreciate it on your wall.

Movie posters can also make great gifts. If you saw a movie on your first date with someone who becomes a serious girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe a good anniversary gift would be a framed print of the movie poster. If you know the favorite movie of someone you care about, it also makes a thoughtful gift to search out related artwork for them.

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