Music Posters

Written by Serena Berger
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Music posters have been a way for young people to express their taste and personalities almost as long as rock music has been around. In the early days of pop music, teens would clip images from magazines and papers, as well as album covers, to adorn their walls with the visages of their cultural icons. Pretty soon they and their idols' marketers realized that if small was good, big was better, and the music poster industry was born.

For young people whose room is their one private space and haven away from the rest of the world, decorating freedom is one of the best feelings there is. Whether that means putting up a life-sized poster of their favorite pop star like Jennifer Lopez or John Mayer or a huge print of a Radiohead album cover, it can make a big difference in making a space feel truly comfortable and welcoming. It's also a creative form of self-expression, mixing posters of beloved musicians and movies in with personal photographs, art work, and memorabilia from important events.

Vintage Music Posters

Of course, it isn't just teens who want music posters on their walls, though they are still a big portion of the poster market. There are a lot of great prints of vintage posters of musical acts from the 50's and onward. Images of The Beatles, for instance, and John Lennon in particular, are still hugely popular, especially with those whose lives were touched and changed by their music when it was first released.

Some music posters are real works of art. In some cases, fine art photographers have used cultural icons as their subjects--among them legends of rock, pop, and reggae. In other cases, art prints have been used as tributes to some of the deceased heroes of rock and rap, such as Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Biggie Smalls, and Bob Marley.

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