Nursery Decor

Written by Charles Peacock
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Buying nursery decor can be one of the most enjoyable forms of interior decorating. When you're still awaiting a newborn, there's nothing more exciting than putting together a room for the wonderful little baby that you haven't seen yet. It's like the ultimate surprise gift!

Ideas for Nursery Decor

We all know the fundamentals for any nursery: a crib, a changing station, and of course a colorful little mobile to hang above the crib. But what kind of nursery decor can you look for to make your baby's room truly special? Let's take a look at some interesting and original ideas that I've come across.

One of my favorite things to put in a baby's room is a mural. When my sister and I were born, my parents asked an artist friend of theirs to create original paintings for our rooms. These murals covered an entire wall, and they were unforgettable. If you're not lucky enough to have a friend who's good enough to paint a mural you'll be proud of (and, of course, if you can't do it yourself), a fun alternative is to find mural wallpaper.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of nursery decor. We want to create a soft, comfortable level of light for our baby's room, which means we often have to look into specialized lighting. With the proliferation of baby stores, this part of your decorating duties doesn't have to be difficult. Look for fun lights shaped like animals or stars, and make sure they are easy to turn on and off. And of course, don't forget the requisite night light.

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