Oil Painting Reproductions

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Oil painting reproductions allow for you to commission an exact copy of your favorite artwork, hand painted on the highest quality artists' canvas. Prints, though they capture an exact image, may lack the "soul" that a carefully executed hand painted work offers. For these works, choosing the best reproduction possible means choosing a hand painted oil reproduction.

Oil Painting Reproductions: The Real Deal

True hand painted reproductions use no computer technologies. Nor are they machine printed. Fine oil painting reproductions are created by scratch by trained artisans. Hand painted reproductions don't take minutes, they take weeks to produce. Most may be available within one month, others may take up to three months. But when the final product arrives, you have in your own home a hand crafted work of art that you can admire for a lifetime.

Colors are matched by eye and mixed by hand. Years of training and education provides the skill to faithfully replicate not only the skills, but also the techniques practiced by the original master. The result is a genuine work of art, complete with texture and actual applied human effort.

It is also possible to have oil painting reproductions of other favorite images. The original source material does not have to be an Old Master. The same trained artists capable of recreating a Paul Klee can also be commissioned to create a portrait from a recent photograph, or a favorite book's dust jacket.

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