Oil Paintings

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Oil paintings are the gold standard of hangable art. They convey not only the beauty of the image, and the inherent emotion, but also the life energy of the artist who created them. Every brush stroke tells a story, and is a moment forever frozen in time.

Not even limited edition, signed prints of paintings come close. Though signed prints are of course desirable, they lack the texture of the original. Only oil paintings are true originals.

Oil Paintings For Everyone

If you want to collect oil paintings, you have pretty much three avenues. The first is to be able to spend millions on an original masterwork. The second is to find artists that haven't yet "made it", by scouring art school showings and small private galleries of unknown artists. The third, and one that more and more people are choosing, are hand painted reproductions of famous masterworks.

Hand painted reproductions of oil paintings are the truest representation of the original possible. Not only do they match the colors and image almost exactly, they also contain the energy of the artist. Every brushstroke is not just recreated, but fully realized. Van Gogh's Irises, unlike a high-quality print, will actually shimmer as the light strikes the oils. The gold paint will shine in Klimt's The Kiss. Oil paintings have a life to them that other framed art cannot match.

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