Paul Cezanne Prints

Written by Serena Berger
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Paul Cezanne prints carry the great weight and honor of being created by the father of modern art. Picasso cited Cezanne as his "one and only master," a truly incredible statement, especially in light of Picasso's volatile disdain for almost every other artist's work. Paul Cezanne prints demonstrate this artist's quest to understand underlying structure of still-lifes and landscapes and depict that in his art; a quest in which he was so successful that his mastery laid the way for Cubism and Abstraction to follow.

Cezanne did indeed achieve the fame he sought with his still-life compositions. An unprecedented methodical analysis of form, from a perspective of empirical geometry, as well as a sensitivity to even the most minute variations in tone can be seen in his most popular painting. Apples and Oranges, for example, and Still Life Aubergines display the technique and perspective that made his reputation.

A number of Paul Cezanne prints depict glorious and charming landscapes. Cezanne was dedicated to the practice of painting directly from nature, all the while concentrating on what he actually saw,not an idealized version. One of his masterpieces, View Over Mont St.Victoire, is both subtle and lovely in its representation of nature.

Still Life Paul Cezanne Prints

If you are looking for something classic and simple to add a tasteful decorative touch to your room, you may want to consider any number of Cezanne's still lifes. Fruits, jugs, and bottles were everyday items that he skillfully turned into works of art. Prints of vases, flowers, and baskets can also add an elegant and lively touch to any living room, dining room, or some of the other rooms that are typically more difficult to decorate.

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