Picasso Prints

Written by Serena Berger
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Picasso prints are available for many of the artist's most popular works, such as the socio-politically inspired Guernica or the whimsical Don Quixote. Considering that Picasso produced over 20,000 works of art in his lifetime, exploring his work can be something you do gradually. Furthermore, with all the stylistic shifts and evolutions that took place over his lengthy career, there is sure to be some stage of Picasso's work that resonates with you.

Selecting prints from Picasso's Rose and Blue periods can also allow you to match the print to your decor. The cool colors that he used during his Blue period sharply contrast with the pink hues used later in his work. Once you get into works of the Cubist style and beyond, however, all bets are off. It's likely that if you're looking at later Picasso prints, the one you choose will need to be the focal point of the room, because of their bright colors and bold designs.

Common Subjects of Popular Picasso Prints

The subjects of Picasso prints vary substantially, from children and women to bullfights or war. The female nude was an obsessive subject for Picasso, and after about 1920 they appeared in astonishing quantities in his works. Some of these images are dreamy and sensual, while others are hostile and brutal. Picasso was a man with deeply misogynistic opinions--but in the particular way he loved women, he really loved them.

Many people have bought prints of Guernica, Picasso's powerful anti-war mural. Guernica depicts people, animals, and buildings devastated by the violence and chaos of war. This work, for many, captures the inhumanity, brutality, and hopelessness of war, particularly the vileness of bombing innocent civilians. While it can be a little overwhelming to live with a print of Guernica in your home, it may be a challenging work to show in a history or sociology class, as well as a Spanish language or history class.

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