Pink Floyd Posters

Written by Amy Hall
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Pink Floyd posters make me think of their album, The Wall. Everyone knows that album, as it was famous for its tunes about teenagers needing to be left alone, etc. Remember the line, "Teachers leave those kids alone"? I sure do.

I also remember seeing lots of my friends' rooms in college adorned with Pink Floyd posters all over the walls. It was like a rite of passage back in the eighties to own Pink Floyd albums, posters, and T-shirts. I'm pretty sure I owned one of each, and so did each and every one of my friends.

Music posters have always been popular among teenagers. Even today, preteens and teens cover every inch of bare wall space with posters of the current celebrity musicians. Britney Spears has been big for awhile now, but there is always room for musicians from the past. Many teens still hang Pink Floyd posters up around their rooms.

Pink Floyd Posters Bring Us Back in Time

If you love the music of Pink Floyd, then you might just enjoy hanging a poster or two of this band in your home. You may prefer to contain them to your office or a room where you watch television, as these posters can be somewhat "out there." Wherever you hang your Pink Floyd poster, it will bring back musical memories.

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