Poster Art

Written by Charles Peacock
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Poster art can be a great way to spruce up any interior. If you're looking to do some interior decorating and your budget isn't what you wish it was, adding posters to your walls is always a great way to make a room more interesting. Poster art is available in so many different styles and price ranges, everyone can find something to suit their style.

It would be a mistake to think that poster art is strictly something for teenagers and college dorm rooms. While there are plenty of posters that suit those environments, you can also find high quality art posters and photography posters that are near museum-quality and can add an artistic touch to even finely decorated interiors. Let's take a look at some of the different types of posters you can find.

Pop Culture Poster Art Adds a Fun Touch

Any kid growing up probably had some kind of poster art on his or her wall. We are all obsessed with certain things when we're kids, and we usually like to completely surround ourselves with paraphernalia relating to our obsession. Posters are usually the first place we start when we're creating our own little dream world.

Music posters are undoubtedly one of the most popular poster art choices for kids. As soon as we start listening to music we start idolizing the band or bands we like the most. We start dressing like them, talking like them, and we memorialize them by hanging giant posters of them above our beds or even all over our rooms.

Sports posters are also a popular choice for kids. In the past, this was more the case with boys, who have always had baseball and football heroes to look up to. But recently, with the growing popularity of women's soccer and basketball leagues, aspiring female athletes can also plaster their walls with images of their sporting heroines.

Refined Poster Art for Refined Tastes

If you've outgrown covering your walls with AC/DC posters, you shouldn't eliminate the idea of using poster art to decorate your house or apartment. A lot of us might have stigmatized poster art because we associate it with young kids and college dorms. But if you're a fan of fine art, photography, or even advertising art, you can find some beautiful art posters that will tickle your fancy.

One of my favorite types of poster art is reproductions of early 20th century advertisements. One of the more famous examples of this style is the wonderful French advertisements painted by Toulouse Lautrec. Another well-known type is the stylized art-deco posters used to promote cruise ships and vacations in European hot spots.

Poster art can also be a great way to help you display artistic masterworks that would otherwise be far, far outside of your budget. If you're a Monet fan, you can buy poster reproductions of pretty much any of his Impressionist paintings. Poster reproductions are also available for virtually every other famous painting or art style.

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