Poster Frame

Written by Amy Hall
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A poster frame can bring a print to life simply by enhancing the overall mood of the picture itself. Have you ever seen a so-so picture look spectacular when combined with the right frame? More than once I've seen sort of blah poster art come to life with a great custom frame.

I have this one watercolor in particular that I bought while I was in Venice on vacation. The colors in the picture are very subtle, and are mainly comprised of very pale yellows and soft purples.

Sure, I obviously loved the picture because I bought it from the artist. But when I had a yellow matting placed around the watercolor, and then added an antique-looking distressed metal frame, it truly came to life. The matting brought out the yellow in the painting, and the frame had an almost purplish cast to it, bringing out the purple haze of the water in the picture. I love that picture and every time someone comes into my home, they comment on what a great painting it is.

The Poster Frame Can Make the Picture

As you can see, a very basic poster can turn into a magical work of art with the right poster frame. You will probably spend the bulk of your money on the framing itself, and not the actual print. Keep in mind that it is money well spent because the right frame can showcase your art better then anything else can.

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