Written by Amy Hall
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Posters can really add your personal touch to just about any room in your house, even the restroom! I'm sure many of you are thinking that only kids or teenagers hang posters on the walls, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you browse through any well-known retail store catalog, from Pottery Barn to Marshall Fields, you will find quite a selection of vintage, black and white, or travel posters.

In fact, many stores in recent years have brought back vintage, and it is seen in everything from clothing to jewelry to art for your walls. There is something wonderfully nice about bringing back the old, and making it work again. I'm sure you have seen many famous celebrities, from Nicole Kidman to Shiva Rose sporting vintage ball gowns and jewelry.

Vintage is so hot right now that it's actually very tough to get your hands on a quality article of clothing or a beautiful work of art. As a result, manufacturers and retailers are offering replicas of these original prints at reasonable prices. You can find vibrant colorful vintage pieces with decorative frames that will only enhance the overall design and ambience of your home.

Posters For Every Taste

Personally, I love black and white travel posters of famous European cities that truly showcase the mood of that particular place. There is something wonderfully romantic about a photo of Venice's grand canal, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Even a photo of a group of people enjoying espresso at an outdoor cafe in the heart of an Italian piazza makes me want to hop the next plane to Europe.

Anyone who walks into my home will get their share of travel photos, and I really believe it adds that personal touch to the rest of my decor. Your home should be a true reflection of you, so why not surround yourself with the things that make you the most happy? Nothing perks me up more than staring at some of these photos on cold winter days, as it allows me to daydream about a nice stroll on a warm afternoon in Paris or a romantic gondola ride in Venice on a sultry summer evening.

Surround Yourself with Art

Many people will skimp on certain things in order to surround themselves with beautiful art. The good news is that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on pieces to showcase in your home, because posters truly are an affordable alternative to expensive oil paintings or watercolors. You can get replicas of Van Gogh for dollars, and then have the piece custom framed to suit your style and taste.

In fact, the most expensive aspect of decorating with posters probably comes from the framing. You can spend triple the amount of money on the frame as you actually did on the print. I've done it on more than one occasion, but don't really feel guilty because the cost of the print was so reasonable to begin with.

You can truly turn any print into a gorgeous work of art simply by adding a frame that enhances its color and mood. After all, your home is your haven, so make it special and surround yourself with the things that make you most happy.

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