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Written by Serena Berger
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Buying posters online is easy and convenient. It also offers you the opportunity to peruse a wider selection of artwork than ever before, from fine art prints to posters of your favorite celebrities. No matter what your decorating style, if you begin searching online with even the vaguest idea of what you like--an artist, an individual, or a style--you will certainly come away with a print to relax, excite, inspire, or provoke you, as your personal taste dictates and your budget allows.

If you've moved into a nice apartment or house, you may think that posters aren't the ideal way to decorate. Thinking back on your room as a teenager with posters taped to the walls, curling and peeling around the edges, or your college roommate's large poster of the cover of The Dark Side of the Moon, you probably have a sense that posters aren't the most sophisticated decoration for your home. However, when you see how classy and timeless framed art prints can be, and how much more affordable they are than original art, you might decide that framed posters are the economical decoration you're looking for.

You can find posters online of many of the greatest artistic masterpieces, from the famous details of Michelangelo's Creation to the Mona Lisa. If you prefer to have prints that are slightly more unique, you can search for limited edition posters. These may entail posters of classic art pieces that have been sent on museum tours or celebrated a bi- or tri-centennial, or signed limited editions of works by living artists.

Learning as You Browse Posters Online

Browsing posters online can also provide a shortcut to an education in art. If you go online knowing nothing other than that you once saw a Mondrian painting that you liked, you can find a site where you can browse much of Mondrian's work, as well as following links to other artists in the Neoplasticist vein. Many sites also offer information about the philosophical and artistic roots of a movement. Knowledge and understanding can help you love a work of modern art in a way that casual observation is unlikely to inspire.

There are also a lot of great posters online that are suitable for children and teens. Of course, music and movie posters abound, and there are also a lot of posters from or inspired by popular children's books. There is even a growing field of art work designed specifically for babies and very young children to appeal to their delicate sensibilities and stimulate their intellectual development with carefully chosen colors and shapes.

Once your children get old enough to choose their own artwork and posters, you could consider buying them a gift certificate for posters online. If you remember the first time that you put up an album cover or portrait of your favorite athlete, you'll know how much it will mean to your son or daughter to be entrusted with decorating his or her own room. While you may never understand why she loves K-Ci and Jojo, or why he thinks that Dude, Where's My Car is the funniest movie of all time, you can still respect your teen's individual taste by giving him or her the freedom to express it.

More Variety in Posters Online

You can also search for posters online that would be appropriate and welcome in a work environment. Here, the key is typically universal appeal, so classic and vintage prints are often the way to go. There are also several lines of motivational posters, which typically feature beautiful photographs of landscapes or dramatic scenery accompanied by words or quotations that relate to the values most important in a professional atmosphere.

Many of the sites where you can buy art prints also offer some of the accessories that you will need in order to show them to their best advantage. Framing a print instantly makes it more elegant, as well as preserving its good condition. You may want to consider track lighting, which can be used to make your room feel as spacious and well-illuminated as the galleries where these works were originally displayed.

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