Romantic Posters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Romantic posters are a fabulous addition to any room. And they come in more varieties than you might think. You might be interested in buying a poster for yourself, to suit your own romantic sympathies; or maybe you're buying one as a gift to send a message to someone special. Whatever the reason, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Romantic Posters You May Not Have Considered

If you're looking to add a bit of romance to a particular room in your house or apartment, an easy and wonderfully romantic choice would be one of the famous photographs done by Robert Doisneau. Doisneau was the photographer responsible for the well-known black and white photograph of the couple kissing on a street in Paris. Another famous of his famous photographs is the American woman riding a moped in Italy.

Romantic posters don't always have to show lovers embracing. You can also create a sense of romance by choosing a print of a painting that has a special romantic feel. Impressionist paintings are usually a good choice for creating a sense of romance. Another possibility would be an old Renaissance painting depicting a scene of courtship.

Romantic posters are also available in a totally different style: depicting text instead of images. If you have a favorite romantic poem (and it's not too obscure), chances are you can find a poster with this poem on it--and a lovely artistic background to boot. What better way to inspire romance than by donning your wall with your favorite words of love?

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