Sports Posters

Written by Serena Berger
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Sports posters can be the ultimate sign of fan adulation or devotion to a sport. Posters of sports figures can serve as role models and motivational figures for young people. And while the dramatic slam dunk or corner kick photo posters may be best suited to kids' bedroom walls, there are more subtle sports posters available that are suitable for any room and even grown-ups' decorative schemes.

True to the spirit of team sports, some sports posters do not just focus on particular individuals. Michael Harrison, for example, has a collection of prints that bring together the core items of a sport, such as a baseball, glove, bat and baseball cards, creatively arranged and lighted. These prints make uncomplicated and classic statements about one's love of the game and the integral part that it can play in life, from childhood to adulthood.

Sports Posters by Norman Rockwell

Critically acclaimed painter Norman Rockwell in his loving depictions of American life included many moments in sports. With images of children playing basketball or their first round of golf, he captured some of the fondest moments of growing up. And when it comes to America's favorite game, Rockwell explored the training room, the dugout, and the field.

Some prints that are offered as landscape prints may also merit consideration if you are looking for a poster for certain sports. Prints of many golf greens are available, as well as posters of speedways for the racing enthusiast. Sports posters are no longer just about individual athletes in action, but rather they can convey the nostalgia of bygone eras of national pride, as well as the spirit of teamwork and dedication.

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