Vintage Posters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vintage posters, unlike regular posters, are often much more expensive, and rightly so. With a regular, contemporary poster, if it becomes damaged you just go back to the poster store and get another one. Vintage posters, because of their age, are not easily replaced and may in fact be now one of a kind.

Technically speaking, "vintage" posters denotes those that typically are over 50 years old. This adds value in two ways. First, it's an authentic antique. Secondly, 50 years ago, posters were created not through mass production, but through a technique known as "stone lithography". Stone lithographs feature vibrant colors on heavy paper. Today, this technique is used to create fine art prints.

Vintage Posters: Job Papers, The Doors, and Mammy's Biscuits

Very popular examples include posters that advertise pre-1950 goods and services, like canned goods, tobacco products, and holiday destinations. Vintage Chinese beauty product posters are highly collectable. Original posters advertising early concerts of now-legendary rock bands, like the Doors, the Grateful Dead, or Janis Joplin are obviously precious. There is also a niche market for products advertisements that feature controversial, pre-civil war African American images.

Vintage posters must be framed with an eye toward preservation and protection of your investment. Depending on the subject matter, the original artist, and the overall quality, your vintage poster may continue to rise in value. It is important to use only the highest quality materials. Some professionals have developed framing methodologies specific to preserving vintage prints. Check with your framing professional as to what type of frame would serve your needs best.

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