Western Art

Written by Charles Peacock
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Western art is a powerful reflection of the enormous impression the great American west has had on our collective minds. When Americans began their long journey west, they were confronted with a new world of colors, sights, and sounds. For two hundred years, artists have used the west as an inspiration in their work.

Western Art Subjects

The United States is inarguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and much of our magnificent scenery can be found out west. It is no wonder, then, that painters, poets and photographers have sought to capture the glory of this wild and wonderful territory. And even though they have been doing so for almost as long as our country has existed, they still have not run out of western art subjects.

Landscapes are one of the most popular subjects for western art. Beyond the Mississippi you can find everything from quiet green plains, to rugged cliffs, to barren deserts. Both American and foreign artists have successfully captured many of our most beautiful locales in their paintings and photographs.

Another great form of western art is that which focuses on the proud heritage of the Native Americans. Paintings and photographs of Native Americans are some of the more powerful pieces of art our country has produced. In addition, Native Americans introduced us to their own beautiful, vivid forms of art, and many artists of European descent have incorporated these elements into their work.

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