Art Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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The tradition of quilting was born out of necessity but has evolved over time and has now firmly lodged itself in the art world. While some people still make quilts that are meant to be bed coverings, the vast majority of today's handmade quilts are designed to be admired. However, the quilts designed for display and sale are generally slightly different from their patchwork cousins.

Rather than use old clothing and scraps of material, art quilts are meticulously planned and fabrics are often purchased specifically for each project. Art quilt fabrics tend to be slightly more rich and costly, and the patterns used are generally quite advanced. As you can imagine, the end result is visually stunning.

Tips for Purchasing an Art Quilt

If art quilts are of interest, it might be a good idea to check out your local craft shows. Quilts are often for sale or display at these events. Do not be discouraged, however, if you do not find a quilt that catches your interest right away. Strike up a conversation with the various quilt makers. They will very often know of other shows in and around your area and are generally more than happy to share that information.

When purchasing a quilt for decoration, there are a few common things that one should know. Quilts tend to be rather expensive to purchase because they take a great deal of time to create. Do not shy away from purchase because of the price--you are paying for high quality work that will last for many years. Additionally, hand quilting is always more desirable than machine quilting and absolutely worth the expense.

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