Baby Quilt Patterns

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Those who are considering quilting as a new hobby may feel overwhelmed at the idea of creating a large piece on their first try. Likewise, those who generally quilt by machine, but are hoping to tackle hand quilting may find themselves staring down at an unfinished, king sized quilt and feel a sense of panic. Therefore, when learning a new and unfamiliar quilting technique, it is a good idea to start with a baby quilt.

Simple Patterns for Baby Quilts

Baby quilts are, by definition, smaller than a normal-sized quilts and are great vehicles for trying out new patterns and taking some quilting risks. There are many varieties of simple baby quilt patterns which are perfect for a novice. One of the simplest designs is a nine-square pattern which is, rather predictably, nine even squares pieced together to form a larger square. A border typically frames the outside of the piece.

The nine-square pattern involves fairly easy piecework and can be created with many different colors and fabrics. It also affords a lot of open space for those who are trying quilting stencils for the first time. Soft fabric and light colors make it a wonderful design for any baby quilt.

Handmade baby quilts are becoming exceedingly popular shower gifts. They lend a personal touch to a very useful piece. Creating a stockpile of these quilts, particularly if you have a large number of friends who have not yet begun to have children, could save a lot of time down the road.

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