Baby Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One of the happiest celebrations on earth is a baby shower--a gathering for the express purpose of celebrating the impending arrival of a healthy child. Showers are the perfect opportunity for friends and loved ones to show their support of the new parents and give gifts to help them along in their new adventure.

One lovely idea for a shower gift is a personalized baby quilt. Many adults can look back upon their childhood and remember a certain blanket or quilt that they had growing up. Quilts hold memories, tell stories, and if kept in good condition, they can be passed down through generations.

Creative Ideas for Baby Quilts

A particularly special design for a baby quilt is a patchwork made of different pieces given by friends of the expectant parents. Have each friend send a few fabric squares, cut to specific dimensions. Each piece can be designed with special thoughts or pictures and will come together in a beautiful gift of love for the baby. As the child grows, the parents can tell him or her stories about each piece and where it came from.

For those who are interested in quilting, a baby quilt is a wonderful way to get started, since they are much smaller and can be less intricate than full sized quilts. The Internet is a great resource for finding simple quilt patterns and detailed directions. For more personal interaction, look for quilting groups in your area, which are often held in a local library or historical society.

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