Country Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Many people, particularly urban dwellers, think of the country as the perfect vacation spot. They imagine soft breezes, rustling leaves, waking up to the sound of birds in the morning and a calm that is not often found in any city environment. There is a certain look and feel to the country that is captured in decoration by many who own houses in rural areas. Often, one of the main features of a country house is an abundance of quilts.

Quilts--The Backbone of Country Décor

A quilt represents a sense of order created from small, mismatched elements. In some ways, it is the epitome of country design and country living, which emphasizes simplicity and comfort with a dash of elegance. Country quilts are typically designed with rich colors and sturdy fabrics that are soft to the touch. Their beauty can withstand the test of time and they never go out of style.

For those who cannot afford a house in the country but still crave the homey look of country décor, consider investing in a few nice quilts for your bed or even as wall hangings. A hanging quilt will become a focal point on your wall so take care that you do not crowd it with many other wall hangings. Additionally, seek out a quilt that fits with your own personal taste and style.

If you choose to use quilts as decoration, it is a good idea to find one that already matches the mode of your furnishings. If you choose a country design and your house or apartment is furnished in a sleek and modern fashion, the look will seem a little off-balance. It may take some time, but with some focused searching, you will eventually find the perfect quilt that matches your home and your personality.

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