Debbie Mumm Fabrics

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're looking through quilting patterns, and wanting some exciting, original fabrics for your work, consider the Debbie Mumm fabrics line. She has bold colors and clever motifs, and will make your quilt a one-of-a-kind item. Her quilting fabrics are in durable cotton, and her designs are inspired by everything from Americana to tropical islands.

Her latest design series for South Sea Imports is "Harvest Splendor." These quilting squares are in autumnal colors. They feature abstract grid patterns with deep reds, yellows, cornflower blues and grays.

Debbie Mumm Fabrics Americana Designs

Debbie Mumm also has a fabrics line of early Americana. These feature sunflowers, checkerboards, beehives, and other playful motifs. Another old-fashioned series features actual turn-of-the-century quilting labels.

There are gardening motifs, with daisies, butterflies, flowers, and dragonflies. The tropical islands motif is one of the newest lines in Debbie Mumm fabrics. Gauguin-inspired flowers, sunshine, beaches and tropical forests abound. Check out recommended websites for these colorful quilting fabrics.

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