Grace Quilter

Written by Abby Luttrell
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There are many quilting machines on the market today, but the Grace quilter is one of the best designed and most compact. The traditional long arm quilter can be very large, and expensive. Yet smaller quilters can be flimsy and poorly constructed.

The Grace quilter has a sturdy frame which will hold your own sewing machine. You can quilt from crib size to queen size, with additional king size extensions available. Three handle grips allow you to quilt from either side.

Quilting fabric and batting are easily installed with sturdy aluminum rails. The sewing machine moves easily over the quilt thanks to a platform with steel ball bearing rollers. This platform glides on a track which allows you to use continuous line patterns, or the optional template guide system that allows you to make repeated patterns in simple, easy strokes.

Grace Quilter Accessories

The Grace quilter comes with optional accessories. You can get a fourth rail which allows you to store the batting right on the frame. You can get a gooseneck lamp for a stronger light source directly on your project, and the legs can be adjusted for height for taller quilters. You can find this outstanding quilter, as well as other quilting supplies, on recommended websites.

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