Kid Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Summertime can be difficult for parents of school-aged children. If camp programs and summer activities are not readily available, three long months with no school structure can seem endless. One great way to keep children occupied is to challenge them with a large craft project, such as a quilt. Kids can work on the quilt inside on rainy days or move the project outside when the sun is shining.

Planning Quilt Projects for Kids

Begin the project by visiting a fabric store. Remember that the fabric you choose to purchase need not be expensive and does not need to match in any way. Ask the store clerk if there are any fabric scraps available for a large discount and choose bolts of cloth that are significantly marked down. You will also need pins, thread, sewing needles, rulers, a few good pairs of scissors, and some fabric markers or paint.

Choose a simple quilt pattern with your children. Large squares and triangles will generally work the best, since they are easy to cut and sew. Children can cut their own pieces and decorate them with the fabric paint and markers. Give them the freedom to write or draw anything they choose, from poems to pictures.

Once all the pieces are cut and decorated, they can be attached together with simple stitches. This is a great way to teach children the basics of sewing, which will definitely come in handy as they grow older and need to mend seams or reattach buttons. Once the piecing is done, you can quilt by hand, by machine, or even hire someone to finish the quilt for you. By the end of the summer, the children will have a finished product that they can be proud of and a memory that will last a lifetime.

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