Log Cabin Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Quilt making is an American folk art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Decades ago, quilting could be a personal craft or cause for a social occasion. Women in many communities would gather at a neighbor's house and sit around a quilt frame, each stitching a section in turn.

One of the more popular designs of the past and today is the log cabin quilt. The design is made up of squares which consist of long, rectangular pieces. Perhaps it became popular because it is easy to create using leftover scraps of material or simply because it is visually stunning. The interior of each square is traditionally red, which represents family--the home and the hearth.

Log Cabin Quilt Ideas

Teaching children about American history can be difficult, at times. It can be hard trying to relate to butter churning, quilt making and the horse and buggy when your life is surrounded by automobiles, grocery stores and fleece blankets. One idea for an in-depth lesson plan, combining American history and character building, might involve letting classroom students create a small log cabin quilt. Purchase different colored fabric, fabric pens and paint. Choose a simple log cabin design and pre-cut pieces. If the children are older, cutting pieces can be part of the project.

Encourage children to decorate their pieces with words and drawings which represent elements of their lives that are meaningful or important. Discuss how some of those elements might have been important to children 100 years ago and how some might be different. The center piece can be something that ties the class together as a whole. Sewing and quilting can be done easily and quickly via sewing machine and your classroom will have a decoration that all the children can enjoy throughout the year.

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