Maywood Studio

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Choose the quilting fabrics from Maywood Studio if you want a comfortable, down-home quilt. Maywood Studio has many designs and colors to choose from, all in highest quality cotton and flannel. Their quilting squares feature soft colors, soothing florals and traditional patterns.

Their "Simpatico" line is a series of ever-popular and simple designs such as paisley, flowers, leaves and branches, cherries and stars. These come in many different colors, from green and gold to yellow and pink. Darker colors in the Simpatico line are burgundy, navy and green.

The "Cabin by the Lake" series is a charming, homespun design in cotton flannel. The "Lazy Afternoon" series features flannels in solid colors and plaids. "Lazy Afternoon" also has a floral series with a black background.

Maywood Studio's Enchantment Series

The "Enchantment" series of quilting fabrics is traditional floral, with small patterns that evoke the coarsely woven linens of American settlers and pioneers. The Enchantment floral patterns come in blue, gold, green, pink, teal, and black. There is also the "Scarborough Faire" flower basket series, also traditional in blue and cream.

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