Memory Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Last summer, I attended a wedding in the woods of Oregon. The event included a great deal of atypical wedding festivities, but one of them stood out from the rest. At each event, there was a stack of white fabric triangles. Throughout the weekend, the bride and groom would remind their guests to please sign and decorate a triangle. It seemed an odd request, but we all complied.

At the end of the weekend, the couple announced that one of the bride's relatives would be creating a quilt out of the signed triangles. This would be their way of remembering who had attended their nuptial ceremonies. They now have a lovely quilt that has more meaning to them than any guest book could ever hope to have.

Quilts Made of Memories

Memory quilts are wonderful ways of commemorating large events or even certain individuals. They are personal gifts that come straight from the heart and will be treasured by any recipient. Depending upon the person or the occasion, memory quilts can use decorated fabrics, as in the story mentioned above. They can also consist of meaningful fabric pieces, such as a piece of an old varsity sweatshirt or a ballet costume.

In some cases, a memory quilt can be a great project for a group of friends to put together. It lends itself to a wonderful social event and time to visit and enjoy each other's company. An example of this might be a memory quilt, created by the bridesmaids, presented to a bride-to-be at her wedding shower. The bridesmaids get a chance to bond with one another and the bride is given a priceless gift.

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