Patchwork Quilts

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Patchwork quilts are the perfect bed coverings for anyone who embraces frugality. The very nature of the patchwork quilt comes from the idea that all scraps of fabric can be used to create something of value and importance. From the early American settlers to the modern day crafts enthusiast, the patchwork quilt is one of the most popular varieties to create.

Patchwork Quilts for Thrifty Folks

A patchwork quilt can be made for very little money by keeping a few simple rules in mind. First, start with materials that you have already in your possession. Old clothes, bed sheets and even curtains can be great for larger patterns. Even pieces no larger than a postage stamp can be included--the perfect size to be cut from old baby clothes.

Many people are thrifty when it comes to material but will spend unnecessary money on new batting from a craft or fabric store without thinking twice. For an inexpensive alternative, try using an old blanket or the stuffing from an old comforter as the insulation between layers. These items can also be found at thrift stores and yard sales for very reasonable prices.

There is no set design for a patchwork quilt, since fabric scraps come in varying shapes and sizes. If you have large volumes of smaller pieces, you may consider creating a crazy quilt or the more orderly log cabin pattern. If you have larger pieces of fabric, consider the classic Irish chain or the popular nine-box quilt.

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