Quilt Block Patterns

Written by Rebecca Russell
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One of the most fascinating elements of the art of quilting is the abundance of patterns or quilt blocks, as they are known in quilting circles. Certain patterns have been used and reused for generations while others come solely from an individual's imagination. Design is a matter of personal taste. A person may love the look of the Irish chain or a variation on the log cabin theme. They may also choose a pattern designed solely around the fabric scraps that are available.

Sharing Quilt Block Patterns

Quilt block patterns were printed in early magazines. Prior to this advancement, however, quilt block patterns were shared among women. They were obtained and exchanged between family and friends in neighboring communities and even sent through the mail. It was common practice for women to visit each other, spy a new quilt design in process and copy down the quilt block to recreate it.

Quilting patterns are still published in craft magazines and sold in a variety of stores. For example, Thimbleberries is a highly recognized name in quilting patterns. There are books of specific patterns, which can be purchased by those who enjoy the recognizable designs.

For those still interested in sharing quilt block patterns, the Internet has taken the place of the post office. There are many websites that have quilt blocks posted for use, free of charge. Many people also choose to create their own quilt blocks. This process takes a bit of planning but the end result, a wholly unique design, can be incredibly satisfying.

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