Quilt Designs

Written by Rebecca Russell
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Quilting is the art of blending fabric and stitching to create a beautiful design that can be both functional and decorative. For those with a flair for creativity, quilting can be a wonderful way to unleash an inner artist by planning and creating your own signature design. Whether you choose to go a traditional route or simply fly by the seat of your pants, the design that you choose for a quilt will say a lot about your personality.

The Variety of Quilt Designs

Quilt designs are often known by a variety of names. Women would give designs particular names which related closely to parts of their every day life. The Mariner's Compass design, for instance, is also known as the Sunburst, Sun Rise and Whetstone. The focal point of these quilts is a many pointed star in the center of the quilt.

One of the most striking quilt designs is the double wedding ring. The pattern is a series of interlocked rings originally designed to represent the joining of two lives in marriage. In modern times, the double wedding ring design is used for its simple elegance. It is a rather difficult design, however, and should not be attempted by a beginner.

The History of Quilt Designs

The history of quilting designs is often incredibly hard to track. While many of the most popular designs seem to have sprung up in the early 19th century, the patterns that may have inspired them have been around since the time of the Ancient Romans and Egyptians. The next time you choose a quilt pattern, take a few minutes to reflect upon its history, adding yourself to the long list of women who have pieced together quilts in the same way for centuries.

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